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Shenzhen BaQianLi design company provide industrial design_product design_appearance_ID design

Shenzhen BaQianLi Industrial Design Co.Ltd. is an international industrial design company, Singapore’s Mdesign Solutions Pte Ltd is our long-term partner. We provide solution for design the appearance and mechanical of the products and the equipment, and help customer to enhance the value of industrial design and product branding.

We can provides design solution for innovative and mechanical of products and equipment, they include the concept of creative product design and industrial design, and mechanical design.

we have a number of partner suppliers,and can provide the services from industrial design to pilot train.

Our company has a number of senior industrial designers and mechanical designers, Once they has served on the internationally renowned companies.

Below are product brand designed by us : IHOME, PHILIPS, IKEA, GE, Apple, Tongfang, Denon Japan, Qinghe, East Asia, ultrasonic sound, solid tech, Czech Republic Wing widespread construction, Logitech, as the United States.

Success Case:

A. Since our company is set up in the beginning of 2010 year, we has completed product design and mechanical design more than 1000 projects,these projects design are as follows:

1).camera and security equipment, projectors, LED lamps, radios, remote controls, smart bracelet, smart watches, Bluetooth stereo audio and water dance, headphones, charger, mobile power, computer adapter, press cloud POS, point reading pen, mobile phone accessories and so on.

2).Cash drawer locks, mechanical locks, lock, advertising, power meter, signal generator, cabinet, mountain bike, massage chairs, PCB visual inspection machines and SMT machines, water purifiers, metal gates machine, automatic paging machines.

3).ventilator, defibrillator, electric medical beds, nursing home beds in luxury.

B. 2013, we completed a two thousand sets 6U chassis design and manufacture of aluminum, and we complete appearance design and structure design and electronic design and trial production of LED kettle audio.

The bluetooth audio and video equipment and smart watches and smart bracelet and special equipment and chassis design and development is our main business.

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